Tips for a Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2014

Tomorrow is Halloween and children of all ages are excited about this day!  Dressing our children up as superheroes, princesses and the characters of their favourite show can be so much fun and makes for the creation of some amazing memories.


As parents we always worry, and Halloween is no exception.  With a baby at home we cringe when the doorbell rings after working so hard to get our baby to sleep.  As children get older we need to consider bedtime, sugar consumption, dressing warm for cold weather or potential fears when our little ones see goblins wondering the street!  However with a little preparation Halloween can be a fun and memorable event for both you and your child.  Here are a few tips!


Plan Ahead


Halloween is a late activity.  By late I mean past 7pm when most kids are asleep or getting ready for bed.  So make sure that leading up to the big night your children are well rested.  Make sure they get a good nap or some quiet time tomorrow afternoon and plan on getting them to bed at a good time tonight so they get a full nights sleep.


You may also want to think of the days following and ensure that naps are planned for and if sleep cues are present earlier, an early bedtime isn’t the worst idea!


White Noise at Bedtime


If you have a baby who is going to be going to sleep before or during trick or treating, you may want to use a white noise or a sound machine to help mask some of the outside sounds.  Especially if your child’s room faces the street, you want to remember that the children outside will likely be loud and excited.  Using white noise to mask potential sleep disturbances (e.g. laughing children, doorbells, etc.) will help your baby settle and hopefully sleep through it!


Put Candy Outside


If your baby goes to bed early and you want to try to avoid multiple door bells, try to leave a bowl of candy on the porch with a polite sign that says baby sleeping.  There is no guarantee, but it’s worth a try!


Limit Sweets


This is a hard one if you have a sweet tooth like me!  Try to limit the sweets when you return from trick or treating (and in the following days).  Sugar has been linked to hyperactivity and can led to poor quality sleep.  By limiting your child’s candy consumption you can assist her in having a better chance at a good night’s sleep.


Unfortunately for our little ones, Halloween is a late evening event.  It doesn’t get dark until after 7pm most nights.  So you will have to have a flexible schedule and be conscious of altering your child’s bedtime routine.  Some parents may choose to go out a little earlier to accommodate bedtime, other find creative options like going to the mall or other indoor event during the day to allow their children the experience before an early bedtime.


Ultimately we need to remember it is just one day!  If our little ones stay awake past bedtime on one night it is ok!  We ensure our children practice healthy sleep habits for days like this.  We can fluctuate our schedules easily for one day, and get right back on track tomorrow.  No need to stress for one night!


Happy Halloween!