Thanksgiving Weekend Sleep Tips

October 10, 2014

Here in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving weekend, and for many of us that means a shift in regular routines and some possible late nights out at family gatherings.  No matter how hard we try to keep to our perfect routine, holidays often put us parents in an unavoidable situation of sacrificing sleep.  While some children are very adaptable to change, others don’t do so well.  Just like our kids some of us parents are ok with a little disruption to the routine in exchange for some holiday memories and we accept the consequences later; while others prefer to keep to the regular schedule no matter what.  Whatever your preferred weekend, it is ok!


As a general rule, the better your child sleeps at home the better of a transition you will have once the holiday is over.  Regardless of how well your child does leading up to the long weekend, here are some quick tips that might help make the recovery a little easier:


– Help your child get as much rest as possible leading up to the holiday. Fill his sleep tank!


– There is no such things as light packing with a baby, so bring along your bedtime routine. PJs, books, white noise machine, lovie, etc.  Make her sleeping space as familiar as possible.


– Try to sneak in a nap, even if you are not at home. I know it is not always possible, but it will make bedtime easier.  Bring some traveling black out curtains to darken the room, or garbage bags and painters tape do the trick too!


After the weekend of turkey and family gatherings, make it a priority to return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.  Some families will even keep their activities very light for a day or two after the long weekend to focus on getting napping and bedtime back in place.


Whatever your plans are for this weekend, enjoy.  Wishing all of your families a Happy Thanksgiving!