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Individual Consultation

A private 90 minute consultation where we will discuss healthy sleep habits, strategies, potential problems, how to handle bedtime, nap time, night wakenings, early rising and any other questions or concerns you may have about your child’s sleep.

Online Daily Support

Through the use of an online sleep and feed log, you will receive daily correspondence with your sleep coach. You will complete the log with your child’s specific daily activities and multiple times a day your sleep coach will review and provide feedback. An added value during your support weeks.

Follow Up Calls

Four follow up phone calls (approximately 15 minutes each) to be scheduled during the two weeks following the implementation of the sleep plan. These calls will be used to review your child’s sleep process and address any of your questions or concerns. The final follow up call will also be used as a recap and to discuss future sleep milestones and what you can expect going forward.

Email Follow Up

Unlimited email support during the two weeks of implementing your sleep plan to answer any questions as they arise. Emails are answered during regular business hours. Family Bliss Sleep Guide An added bonus of information to take with you to help ensure your Family Bliss lasts as long as possible!

Two Week Family Bliss



  • Individual Consultation
  • Online Daily Support
  • Follow Up Calls
  • Email Follow Up
  • Family Bliss Sleep Guide