Recovering from the Holiday Sleep Hangover

January 11, 2018

Happy New Year!  December came and went; our busy lives kept our little ones’ schedules altered and that is ok.  It is such a special time to bond as a family and create traditions and memories to last a life time.  Now that we are a few weeks into 2018 and by this point, with any luck, your family is back on track.  Hopefully the holiday hangover has faded and your schedule is back in place.  If it isn’t here are some quick tips to help you get there.


Early Bedtime!  If your kids are overtired and cranky, put them to bed early!  Two or three nights of extra sleep should get things back on track, especially if they are historically good sleepers.  Early bedtimes should help with middle of the night wake ups and hopefully with nap refusals too!  Just remember that overtired children often act hyper and full of energy, so they could be doing a really good job of hiding those sleep cues.


Offer Earlier Naps – for those children that are napping don’t feel that putting them to sleep earlier will result in a shorter nap.  The opposite is actually true.  If your child has been fighting naps or waking up crying after a short nap, move up that nap, even if only by 15 or 20 minutes it can make a big difference.  For those kids that are past napping, it isn’t a bad idea to offer some quiet time that might turn into a nap.  Allowing them to catch up on some sleep and fill that sleep tank is always a good idea.


If you just recently coached your child to fall asleep on their own prior to the holidays, don’t be surprised if you need to restart the process.  If you went back on old habits and are assisting them to sleep again, or they have just been out of practice for a couple weeks now, it could be a good idea to start the process again.  Remember to be consistent with your responses and you will have them blissfully sleeping again in no time.


Now that things are back to normal, don’t be too quick to make changes in your routine.  Just because your baby could function on one nap during the holidays, doesn’t mean it is time to make that switch permanently.  Your toddler may have liked sleeping in a big bed while visit family, but it may still be too early to move out of a crib for good.  Give everyone some time to adjust before jumping into any new changes.


Need some extra help getting back on track?  Or maybe you don’t want to get back on the track that you were on in 2017?  Reach out and make your appointment for your first call.  It is complementary and we can discuss options to get your child sleeping this year!  Remember I work with families whose children are between 4 months and 6 years old, it may not be too late for your child.