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My Philosophy

The Gentle Sleep approach is a gentler alternative for families who emotionally or morally resist letting their child cry-it-out, or those who have tried other sleep methods (controlled crying, cry it out, etc.) without success. Kim West LCSW-C, (aka The Sleep Lady®) developed this gentle sleep approach after working with thousands of families over the years. This sleep coaching strategy is not cookie-cutter and each plan is unique to the individual family dynamics, child’s temperament and your parenting philosophy.


Who should sleep coach?

There are many reasons why parents decide to seek assistance in helping their child sleep. Here are a few common examples:


  • You are overwhelmed with all of the conflicting sleep books and advice and you don’t know where to start
  • You are no longer comfortable rocking or singing or swinging or nursing your child to sleep;
  • You who believe in and wish to continue co-sleeping/room sharing but find that their child isn’t really sleeping all that well;
  • You are co-sleeping (out of choice or not) but are ready for the family bed to revert back to the marital one;
  • You are not sure how you can ever get your baby to nap for more than 40 minutes or at all
  • Your child will only fall asleep if you lay with him or if she plays with your hair, or, or, or…
  • You drive around day and night because this is the ONLY way your child will fall asleep
  • You know that being able to put yourself to sleep is an important life lesson and you are ready to teach it to your child
  • You are tired of being tired!


Will my baby cry?
I cannot guarantee no crying, really no one can. Crying is your child’s way of protesting change or the unknown. If your child is accustomed to falling asleep while being walked, rocked or nursed to sleep they will most likely protest the change. My goal is always to minimize the amount of crying, and they will probably cry less than you expect! I encourage parents to be responsive, and to show as much love and affection as possible. My plans often involve the parents staying with their child and offering physical and verbal reassurance while allowing the child the opportunity to learn this vital life skill of falling asleep on their own. This supports the development of a secure attachment between parent and child.