Early Rising Problem Solving

July 24, 2017

Morning time with a baby can be fantastically fun!  They are well rested and full of energy and it seems that the morning hours give us the best smiles.  Unless of course, your morning begins at 5am or even 4am!  These early mornings can cause repercussions throughout your day.  Morning naps end up being a really early naps and then the rest of the day is just off.  If it happens once, we moms (and dads!) can usually survive.  Or if it is a result of the time change or jet lag and corrects itself after a week or so, we manage.  When your baby continuously wakes too early it can have lasting effects.  The family is out of bliss and tired, schedules are out of sync and bedtime routines become a disaster.


Regaining your family bliss because of early rising is not that difficult.  Early rising very often has a simple solution.


The four most common causes of early rising:



1.  Too late of a bedtime;


2.  Nap deprivation;


3.  Staying up too long between the end of the afternoon nap and bedtime;


4.  Going to bed when he’s past the “drowsy but awake” mark. If he is too drowsy at bedtime, he won’t know how to get himself back to sleep when he is more alert at a time like 5am!


It is also important to consider the environment.  Is too much light coming into the baby’s room?  If so, consider room darkening shades (also a great idea for afternoon naps) to keep the room dark.  Is there an external noise that is waking the baby?  Garbage trucks, morning songbirds, a parent leaving for work at an early hour?  If so, consider a white noise machine or fan to drown out the external noise.


The longer you endure early rising, the harder it will be to change the pattern.  Be consistent in your plan and don’t get discouraged.  It can often take weeks to address with a baby, but months once a child is older so addressing it sooner is better than later.


Patience, consistency and compassion will be critical in this process.  Be firm and loving and good mornings will be right around the corner.


If you are interested in a customized sleep plan to help combat the early rising in your home, contact Family Bliss.  We can bring the bliss into your home.