Family Bliss is honoured to have worked with some amazing parents and their children. We have taken the time to create customized plans to meet the unique needs of each family unit and we are so proud to share some of their comments.

“ As parents of twins, we struggled to get them on the same sleep schedule. They did not nap at the same time during the day and at night they were waking up multiple times and waking each other with their crying. With Deanna's help we were able to get them on the same sleep schedule all day long and now they sleep through the night without waking.  Everyone in our family is now happy and well rested.
Deanna's knowledge and experience with working with twins has been life-changing for us. ”

Janna and Bryan, Toronto, parents 10 month old twins

“ When our twins were old enough, my husband and I armed ourselves with a lot of sleep training theories and adopted good practices that made sense for our family. We diligently started a simple but consistent bedtime routine with the girls, put them to bed early, didn’t rock or feed them to sleep, set up an ideal sleeping environment (dark, sound machine, etc.). On paper, everything was right. And it was right for a while. Our twins were always early risers, like their mama! But then at around 9 months, the early rising started creeping earlier and earlier, and suddenly with one twin, there was a good 5-15 minutes of crying in the crib before she fell asleep for the night. When we hit consistent 4am wake ups, I knew we needed help. With Deanna’s guidance, 4am became 7am. And as if by magic, day time naps fell into place & the crying to sleep stopped.
Thank you Deanna - our home is a happy and well rested one now! ”

Sabrina, Toronto, mom of 10 month old twins

“ We knew sleep deprivation was going to be part of having our twins but never thought it would go on for so long. It went on almost 11 months because we didn't know how to teach our little guys to sleep on their own and to stay asleep. When a friend told us about Deanna, we knew we desperately needed her help. We were reassured knowing she also had twin boys - she understood our unique challenges. We were also against letting our boys Cry It Out - our hearts couldn't handle that method. After working with Deanna for a couple of weeks, using a customized Gentle Sleep Solution, our boys have become fantastic sleepers! Now we only have to say the word 'sleep' and the boys head over to the stairs to go up to bed.
Thanks so much Deanna for helping us get our sleep back which makes us much happier parents! ”

Toronto, Mom & Dad of 13 month old twins