Newborn Bliss – Prenatal Preparation or Newborn Sleep Consultation Package

A consultation package intended for expectant parents or new parents of babies up to 12 weeks of age. This consultation is for new parents, to help you manage the realistic expectations of sleep for your new baby, set the foundation for healthy sleep habits and set the groundwork in creating daily routines.


  • Individual ConsultationA private 60 minute consultation where your sleep coach will share with you the healthy sleep habits of a newborn baby. We will discuss infant milestones, helping your baby distinguish from day and night, creating a healthy sleep environment, strategies to encourage healthy sleep habits at this early age, managing parents’ expectations, and solutions to common newborn sleep problems.
  • Newborn Bliss Sleep Guide – As a follow up to our consultation, you will receive a Family Bliss Sleep Guide to use as a resource with recommendations of common routines and schedules and advice on how to deal with common sleep questions in early childhood.
  • Follow Up Calls Two follow up phone calls (approximately 15 minutes each) to be scheduled within 12 weeks of our consultation call or the birth of your baby. During these calls we will address any questions you may have and discuss your baby’s sleep habits.

Price $175

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